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Photorealistic 3D visualization of a fishing vessel - purse seiner / pelagic trawler with a blue hull and white superstructure

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3D visualization of a vessel - red anchor handling vessel

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Fishing vessel design 3D visualization - purse seiner

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Clients’ testimonials

Konrad Cichocki
CEO, Silent Boats
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I am impressed by how good-looking were the visualizations that Sodoma Atelier made for my project. It was the WOW effect. By giving a free hand to Sodoma's team in many aspects, I gained nice visualizations that I could right away easily present on my website.
Riccardo Bulgarelli
CEO & Yacht Designer, ITAC Marine
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I’ve enjoyed the process and working with Sodoma Atelier. It was very professional. Mariusz figured out most things on his own which saves me much time. Thanks again for the good work and I’ll be in touch when I have a new project.
Paulo Macedo
Project Engineer, Kongsberg Maritime – Ship Design Solutions
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Working with Sodoma Atelier was a pleasure. They are highly organized and committed to deliver exactly what and how you desire, including extras. We are impressed with the level attention to details of the renders and reality of animations, becoming a thrusted supplier for future projects.
Jan Cees Kater
Project Engineer, Werft Shipbuilding
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We now have been working with Sodoma for several projects. We enjoyed the pleasant working flow we have with them. The flexibility and professionality worked out well and resulted in some very nice final products. We we’re surprised with the quality of the first visualizations for our projects which encouraged us to continue cooperating with them for new other projects and we think more will come.
Maciej Schmidt
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I am pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and high artistry of 3D models made by Sodoma Atelier. Just rely on their experience and imagination, and they will certainly conjure up beautiful 3D scenes. This makes cooperation with Sodoma Atelier a real pleasure.

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360 Interactive 3D model of yacht design

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