The 360° Interactive Solution

Start presenting your design ideas with ease by using the 360° Interactive Solution. Impress your clients with your project showcased in an attractive way.
360 Interactive 3D model of yacht design

Use 360° Solution for any kind of a project

Yachts & Leisure

Present your sailing yachts, motorboats, or passenger ferries in an interactive way.

Commercial Ships

Impress your clients with the detailed preliminary design of fishing vessels, offshores, tankers, construction vessels, and more.

Industrial Equipment

Explain every design aspect of your machines to your potential buyers.

Try the tool in your browser:

Click the mouse buttons on the model to move, zoom, and rotate.

Impress with an attractive look

The number #1 goal of this solution is to showcase your design ideas in a beautiful way. Serve your clients with a more advanced presentation tool than 2D drawings or unappealing 3D models.
Interactive 3D visualizations of a yacht
Explain a design idea

Explain in the realtime

Use the simple navigation tool to present your project from each side. You can freely rotate, move around, and zoom to explain every detail to your client or team.

Easily share with your client

The tool is a standalone application. It means that no software or installation is required to use it. Each project gets its own set of files that are lightweight and easy to share via Internet transfers.
Easy send 3D visualizations
Desktop and browser solution 360 visualization

Run it on your desktop or in browser

You can order a desktop or browser version of the tool. The desktop version guarantees you the full control of the project files and privacy. The browser version is perfect to highlight your best designs on your website.

Watch the explainer video:

Professionals' testimonials:

Five stars

Frequently asked questions:

No. The application works without any other 3D software. The tool package contains a bunch of files that support the application but you don’t need to install anything.

Absolutely no. The application is extremely user-friendly and anyone can use it. You operate only with the mouse/touchpad.

All you need to do is to send him a package of files you receive from us. The package is lightweight: around 100MB. You can then send it via Internet transfers (like WeTransfer or Dropbox), or use your company’s solutions to send the files.

Currently, we dedicate one application to one project. We plan to develop this solution, and if you want to follow the updates, follow us on LinkedIn.

If you can, then it’s perfect. But if you do not have the 3D model of your design, don’t worry. We can build it from scratch based on your technical documentation.

Simply contact our Client Partner via the Contact page by sending an email or filling up the online form. Soon we will contact you back and guide you step by step through the process to your first interactive presentation tool.

Chose the easy way to showcase your ideas

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