How much does 3D rendering cost for a yacht or ship design?

When our 3D rendering company started building the portfolio of ship and yacht visualizations, new clients reached out to us with their designs.

What the process of creating 3D visualizations looks like?

First of all, let me briefly explain what our process of creating 3D renderings looks like, so you can better understand the factors that influence the price.

Step 1 – reference files:

you provide us with the reference files of your vessel. We need at least a general arrangement to perform the work. But IGS file with a hull shape is also a standard among our clients. If you have a complete 3D model of your ship, that would be a great help too. But it doesn’t always mean that the price will be lower. I will explain it later in this post.

Step 2 – draft approval:

once we build the 3D model for the purposes of visualization, we set up a few cameras and make draft renders for you. From these images, you choose the frames that you like the most and that you would like to see in the final visualizations. Also, you check if the model geometry and details are fine, as well as hull painting.

Step 3 – complete renderings:

you receive your chosen cameras fully rendered and postproducted. Those are your final visualizations. If you spot any glitches, we can still fix them.

Step 4 – final visualizations

after the last revision you receive your final 3D renderings, ready to be published and increase your brand awareness.

Quality of visualizations

Another important factor is the quality of visualizations that you need.

You have to be honest with yourself and answer this question: 
do I really need photorealistic visualization? Or will the simple plain render with no post-production be enough?

If you need the renderings for printed materials for your exhibition stand during the industry fairs, then high-end images will be worth the investment. They can literally bring you new clients.

Frequency of orders

The last-minute projects always cost more. But on the other hand, you can be rewarded for being a long-term and frequent client. If your ship design company creates at least a few tender offers each month, and for each of them you order a bundle of 3D visualizations, you can get a special pricing offer from your 3D rendering company.

What 3D rendering costs are available on the market?

On the market, you can find a wide range of 3D rendering prices. And in most cases, the price is combined with the skill level of the person or studio that you choose, their level of an expertise in a given field, and of location.
There are many less- and medium skilled people out there, usually students, that are willing to create an image for 50 € only. Many of them you can find on websites like Upwork. But in these cases you risk a lot on the quality of the renders and meeting up the deadlines.

Flexible pricing – the key to a cost-efficient project

In Sodoma Atelier our clients often ask us what is our hourly rate for 3D rendering services. We then answer that we price per project. Why? Because we want to give our clients the best value and beautiful images created as fast as possible.

Wanna impress someone with outstanding 3D visualizations?

Go ahead and contact us!

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