Naos Ship Design WSM: 3D Ship Animation

3D ferries ship visualization Naos Ship Design Sodoma Atelier

Vessel type: Wing Sail Modules implemented on ferry ships

Year: 2021

3D ship animation promoting the newest product of the client – Wing System Modules. The WSM can be implemented in various types of vessels and helps in reducing fuel consumption. Which leads to fewer costs for the shipowner, and a smaller environmental impact.
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3D Animation of the Sail System Design

This photorealistic 3D ship design animation was ordered by Naos Ship And Boat Design to showcase its newest product – the Wing System Module.

The client delivered the music, so our task was to produce the scenes that will fit the smooth vibes. This time, our 3D visualization studio did not only provide the complete 3D modeling & rendering service but also full postproduction including the professional voiceover.

The complete 3D video nicely showcases the idea behind the design that brings us closer to the use of green energy in the marine industry.


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