VCU HK-78 “Heidi”: the Interactive Application

How to order 3D viewer interactive model of a ship or vessel

Vessel type: Fishing Vessel

Year: 2021

The 3D fishing vessel interactive viewer that supports the design process. New features included: animated parts of the ship and the real-time water effect.
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After successfully launching the 360° application during DanFish Exhibition in 2021, VCU The Maritime Specialist has come back to our studio with a new project.

This time, we were asked to create the 3D model of HK-78 “Heidi” – a new vessel design by VCU. The model was implemented in a desktop standalone version of our interactive application.

And this time we added some new features:

  • animated hatches than can be opened and closed by a button click
  • the realtime water that glitters in the sun


The application was supporting the design process – it helped the VCU’s target client to approve every design detail. And eventually, helped in the contract signature process.

To try out the features of this interactive design application on your own, click the button below, download it to your computer and launch the file VCU_Inland_Fishing_Vessel.exe.



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