Should I hire a 3D artist? 7 cases when your business truly needs it

Wondering if it's a good time for your company to hire a 3D artist to create stunning visualizations for you? This article helps you find a solution to your current situation.
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When should I hire a 3D artist? Many business owners and managers in the design industry ask this question. Does my project really need photorealistic visualizations? Isn’t it just complicating things? Will I get a return on this investment?

If you are reading this article you probably ask yourself the same questions.

Hiring a full-time 3D artist, a freelancer, or even a visualization studio always comes with some objectives.

But in this post I will indicate to you situations when hiring a 3D graphic designer is a great idea that adds a lot of value to your business development.

Go through these 7 cases and check if any of them fits your situation.

#1 You are competing in a tender and you need stunning visualizations

The first case is directly combined with receiving high and visible returns on your investment.

If you know that other companies prepare competitive projects for a tender that you want to win, making your offer more visually attractive can tip the scales of victory in your direction.

The client will of course consider the technical and practical aspects of the proposed design. Although people tend to buy with eyes. Even the best project in terms of ergonomics can loose on standing next to the design showcased in a stunning way and reflecting the turn-key features of a mediocre idea.

An experienced 3D artist can help you present your design idea in an impressive way that will immediately enchant your client. Even without a sales speech.

#2 You want your brand to be associated with the highest quality

If you want your brand to be positioned as a high-end company, you probably don’t save money on a professional concept and engineering team.

Adding more creative skills to this mix only will guarantee you a better response from your clients: beautifully designed website, actual and intriguing social profiles, but also stunning 3D visualizations of your concept projects position you as a professional and engaged company.

3D visuals and graphics created by qualified people can be used in many ways among your business. They can make your sales proposals more enticing, your website and social media more attractive, and your fair stands more eye-catching.

Besides this, stunning 3D visualizations, next to the photographs, guarantee you better recognition.

Sunset yacht design visualization

#3 You are just starting your business and want to get recognition for your projects

If you aim to get big clients and challenging projects from the very beginning, investing some part of your initial budget in professional 3D artists is a valuable decision.

Beautiful visualizations showcase your new-born company as an expert brand and help you gain the recognition from the first day you show online or at any fairs.

3D visuals can become a part of your launching strategy and every marketer would be happy to be able to use them to create a perfect launching campaign for you.

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#4 You are making a project for an important client and want to treat him exceptionally

According to Perry Marshall, there is an 80/20 rule in any business activity. It also considers sales and revenue. 20% of your clients create 80% of your revenue.

If you agree to this assumption, you’d probably want to treat your best clients exceptionally. If they generate the biggest part of your company’s income, why shouldn’t you make for them something extra to keep them happy and loyal?

Creating for their projects impressive 3D visualizations, animations, or even virtual tours, is a great idea to give them a reason to stay devoted to your brand. If your finest clients feel watched over and special, they will be likely to come back to you with another project.

#5 You want to entice new clients

Even if your company is already well-recognized in the industry, you should always care about fresh ideas to make it exceptional. Otherwise, you might wake up after a few years with no clients and outdated services.

To keep your business attractive to your potential customers you should take care of contemporary visual communication. 3D renderings of your newest design concepts might help you refresh your position on the market.

Even if your brand has been known for years, you should ask yourself the questions “should I hire a 3D artist?”, answer “yes”, and look for this kind of service.

Tropical interior 3D render - living room with blue walls and wooden floor - 3D architecture visualization

#6 You want to avoid misunderstanding of your design idea by your client

With hiring a professional 3D graphic designer, you can also achieve more practical goals.

Peoples’ personalities are very different. And it might be that your client does not have the best imagination. So it’s hard for him or her to see your design solution with their eyes before it’s actually built.

Professional 3D renderings help you avoid misunderstandings from your client’s side. And this allows you to save time on revisions and corrections.

This is not only a typical situation in strictly visual projects like residential interior and exterior design. But also in the case of commercial and industrial projects where layouts are often more complicated and challenging.

#7 You want your engineer team to better visualize the design

The same situation can have a place in your own engineering team. For a very complex project, where the main designer together with a client came up with a highly developed concept, creating a realistic 3D visualization help the construction team to onboard.

Our experience shows that engineers often ask for the help of 3D artists. They often ask to show the visualization 3D model from a particular point of view to evaluate the construction details. That is why precise 3D visuals are so important inside your company.

Do you still have objections to hiring a 3D artist? Share them in the comment section so we can help!

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