5 practical ways to use vessel studio shots in your business

You have no idea how you can use studio shots of your ship design in your company? Discover 5 ways to use them in different fields of your business.
How to use studio shots in the marine industry?

Studio shots of your vessel, next to the traditional environment visualizations, are the most popular type of 3D graphics for the marine industry.

But what exactly are they? We call a studio shot the visualization consisting only of the main object of the interest. In this case – a ship. It does not include any environment such as water or infrastructure. Just clear design idea, with no distractions.

They are often created for various projects. But do you use their potential to the fullest?

In this article, I show you 5 practical ways to use studio shots and how they add value to your business.

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#1 Business presentations

The first, and most obvious way to use studio shots, is to put them in your presentations.

Studio shots are often delivered as PNG files, with transparent background. Thanks to this feature, you can easily paste them into your branded PowerPoint presentations.

You can also add the necessary comments and texts to those images. They showcase your design from any side you want, so they allow you to present the most important features of your project.

Studio shots are an effective type of visualization for the purposes of sales or design meetings. By using them you can clearly explain the vessel’s characteristics to your client or your engineering team.

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3D ship visualization on laptop

#2 Your website

Your company’s website is another great place to showcase the studio shots of your ships.

You can present them on your homepage to get the interest of people visiting your website. Also, studio shots are perfect to present the range of vessel types you work with. And to show each project individually.

Studio shots on your website allow your potential client to evaluate the quality of your design skills. Besides the technical aspects, he can also check out if your overall design concepts are a good fit for his existing fleet.

#3 Social media

Today all the companies are active in social media. Your marketing manager will be happy to receive new graphics to use in the Internet awareness strategies.

Similarly to business presentations, the fact that studio shots are easy to combine with other graphics elements (logos, texts, etc.) makes them a perfect material to use on LinkedIn shares or Facebook.

You can use them to share your newest projects but also interesting facts about your company, or even create ads if you need them.

#4 Printed materials

Although today more and more business elements are conducted online, printed materials still might add up value to your operations.

You can print your studio shots in a handy format (let’s say A3) and bring them to your sales meetings. Then your clients can freely contemplate the visuals independently of what you actually show on the screen.

Studio shots are also nice visuals to attract people to your stand during the brand exhibitions. You can put them in your company’s brochures that your potential clients can take with them home. Or, you can use those visuals in a big format and print them on banners and posters, so your stand clearly shows what you offer.

Here’s a tip: since usually the studio shots are delivered in a way that is enough to show them on the screen, if you plan to print them, you should ask your 3D graphic to create them in the high resolution. It’s important to do it as soon as possible because the resolution is set up at the beginning of the rendering process.

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#5 Your business branding

Studio shots, because they are easy to compose in different ways, are a perfect material to use for your external and internal branding.

Besides ads or printed materials, you can use them in creating informative PDFs for your clients or employees.

You can also use them to produce your branded gadgets like calendars, notebooks, cups, or even inspiring graphics for your coworkers.

Ship design on a mug

Any other ideas?

I am curious about what you think about using studio shots of ships. Do you have any other ideas on how they can be used? Share them in a comment!

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