Discover how our future cooperation will look like and how your project will get a visual presence.

1 phase of creating 3D visualization - design brief

Step 1: Design brief

The very first step of our workflow. After contacting us, we send you a simple form in which you decide what kind of visualizations you want your project to include. We discuss the number and format of the final artworks, as well as deadlines and other technical details. We assist you to choose the best visual package you’ll need to grab your client’s attention.

2 phase of creating 3D visualization - camera approval

Step 2: Camera approval

When the design brief is made, we can get down to work. We create the “clay” model of your design and set up the camera positions for final 3D visualizations. Here is the moment when you can introduce your comments and changes to the model’s geometry, eventually approve it, and give a green light to the camera’s position.

3 phase of creating 3D visualization - draft approval

Step 3: Draft render

At this phase your design becomes alive. We assign your chosen colors and textures. Signs, symbols, and other visual elements should be accepted in this phase.

4 phase of creating 3D visualization - final render

Step 4: Final render

We’re getting to the magnificent end of a task and play with the final twists. Adding light and some visual effects to the visualization will make your project stand out from the others.

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