Attract more engaged clients with

3D Yacht Configurator

Increase user experience and speed up sales process by letting your client configure their boats and yacht online.

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What can you do with a 3D Yacht Configurator?

Present different options

You can include almost any kind of option to choose from in your 3D yacht configurator. Showcase various colors, arrangements, equipment, and adjustments to give your clients the possibility to fit the design to their needs.

Build the connection

Once a client customizes his own yacht in a 3D boat configurator, he feels a deep connection with this project. He becomes engaged and very likely to purchase your design. Easily close the deal when a client is warmed up with his own yacht configuration.

Lead them to their dream yacht

By using a 3D yacht configurator you can lead your client by hand through a process of a yacht customization. Your client learns about the process what makes him much more educated and prepared for your further talks.

Showcase your yacht design in a beautiful and interactive way

You receive the 3D Viewer in a form of an online browser application. Inside of it, the complete 3D model of your vessel is beautifully rendered and ready to enchant your clients.

Interactive 3D Ship Viewer

3D Ship Viewer tailored to your needs

Aligned with your brand identity

All the visual aspects are fully under our control. We will adjust the overall style, fonts, icons, images, to correspond to your brand. This way the 3D Viewer will become the integrated part of your marketing strategy.

Custom features adjusted to your needs

The 3D Viewer comes with many customization possibilities. We will add the features that will increase the user's engagement according to your needs. Wanna create 3D Vessel Configurator? That's totally doable!

Close cooperation to generate the best ROI for your company

Our team will assist you at every step of the 3D Viewer creation. To provide you with the best results and a powerful marketing tool, we treat every viewer individually. We propose and implement solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Available features

Manage the colors

Allow the user to choose between selected colors of hull and any other parts.

Add optional equipment

Let your client add additional equipment and options to the configuration.

Update the price

The total price updates automatically when the user adds additional options.

Add the water

Switch on the button to activate the water environment.

Encourage contact by adding links

Add important links to send the user to project references or your contact page.


Enable the full-screen mode to give the user even better experience.


The Viewer runs smoothly on most of well-known mobile browsers and modern devices.

Download PDF configuration

Allow the user to download the complete 3D yacht configuration in a PDF file.

Send configuration via email

Send the configuration directly to the user email, and a copy to your sales department.

Email marketing integration

Collect email entries and save them in your email marketing software like Mailchimp or Mailerlite.

Share in social media

Get more interest by allowing the users to share their configuration in social media.


Adjust the application to your clients by allowing them to choose the language of the configurator.

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More features soon...

We constantly develop new 3D Viewer features to maximize your benefit of using it. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

Get your customized 3D Yacht Configurator in 4 steps:

1. Choose your featuers

Visit our contact page and drop us an email with some details about your project (the type of a ship, your company, how the viewer will be used: by clients on your website or during business meetings?) and the list of the features that you would like to implement.

2. Provide the files

Then you receive the quote for your viewer. Once approved, we sign the agreement, and you can send us the necessary files: a GA, any useful 3D models (if exists), required logos.

3. Let us do the work for you

Now you sit and relax, and we're getting to work. We create your 3D viewer 100% comprehensively. We start with 3D modeling, then, we add textures, materials, lightning, build the application structure, design the interface, program the funcionalities, and finish with packaging it all for you. In the meantime, we will have a few revisions with you to check if everything goes as you expected.

4. Install on your website and "wow" your clients

In the end, you receive the application files ready to be embedded on your website. You provide you with the detailed instructions and assistance in implementing if needed. Now, your 3D marine viewer is ready and you can start to use it to enhance your marketing and sales strategy.

Ready to build your own 3D Ship Viewer?

Contact us to discuss your idea!

Email us and we’ll reply asap. After getting to know your idea and requirements, we’ll prepare a quote for you, totally non-binding.

Did we mention that we can make 3D visualizations and animations for you too? Yes, everything in one single place!

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