The interactive application 360° ship 3D model made by Sodoma Atelier

VCU Catch Processing: the Interactive Application

Vessel type: Fishing Vessel & Equipment
Year: 2021
This interactive 360° application is an online 3D viewer showcasing the catch processing equipment for the fishing vessels.
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Marine Vessel 3D viewer
with interactive solutions

Recently, we had a chance to upgrade our custom-made 360° interactive solution dedicated to equipment and ship design companies. The application that you can play with below, helps to present the design concept to the client in an interactive and effective way.

This online app allows you to freely rotate, pan, and zoom around the 3D ship model. You can take a closer look at every part of the vessel and its equipment.

It works both on desktop browsers and on mobile (smartphone/tablet).

New button features were added to hide the particular elements, so the main focal point of this application – the VCU’s catch processing equipment – is clearly visible.

The vessel that you see was designed by Werft Shipbuilding, and you can see the 3D visualizations that we made for it by clicking here.

Go ahead and try the application below!

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Do you need this quality of 3D visualization for your project?

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