3D Ship Animation: Promotional Range Videos

3D Ship Animation Frame - Fishing Vessel

Vessel type: Wide Vessels Range

Year: 2023

A realistic 3D Ship Animation is a perfect tool to present the range of offered designs. In this video we present a bunch of simple yet self-explaining clips that showcases the expertise of Breeze Ship Design. The animation can be used as a background for the homepage but also as a part of more complicated corporate videos.
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3D ship animation is a great tool to present the range of your design expertise

The aim of this simple 3D ship animation was to help the client position himself as an expert in naval architecture for different types of marine projects. So in this video, you can see such vessels as:

  • a fishing vessel
  • a live fish carrier
  • an SOV
  • a PSV
  • a cable-laying vessel
  • a NH3 carrier

Actually, we created even more 3D visualizations for the SOV that you can see in this animation. You can browse these ship visualizations by clicking here.

Client’s testimonial:

We are very happy with the end result which you and your team have provided us for this project. The approach and methodology is structured which minimizes the time spent, and your team have a very good knowledge and understanding when it comes to modelling and rendering of vessels. Having used Sodoma in the past we knew your quality is great. This time performing animation also gave use an insight that we can trust your performance on extended services.
Tommy Hivand
CCO at Breeze Ship Design

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