Leon-H Workboat: 3D Ship Rendering

3D workboat visualization by Sodoma Atelier of Leon-H built by Werft Shipbuilding

Vessel type: Hybrid Propulsion Catamaran Workboat

Year: 2023

Here we present another real-life 3D ship renderings created for our partner Werft Shipbuilding from Urk, the Netherlands. This time, the hero of the project is the ultra shallow catamaran workboat designed with zero-emission in mind. A battery container placed on the deck allows the vessel to operate fully electrically. And we are happy to visualize this innovative idea with realistic 3D ship visualizations.
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Client’s testimonial:

We now have been working with Sodoma for several projects. We enjoyed the pleasant working flow we have with them. The flexibility and professionality worked out well and resulted in some very nice final products. We we’re surprised with the quality of the first visualizations for our projects which encouraged us to continue cooperating with them for new other projects and we think more will come.
Jan Cees Kater
Werft Shipbuilding

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