Do I need 3D visualization services? Let’s check before you decide

Are you thinking about ordering 3D visualization services but you're not convinced if it's a good idea? This article helps you clear up your mind and make the best decision for your business.
Man sitting with a laptop and thinking do I need 3D visualization services

In the XXI century, both images and videos play a huge role in extending brand awareness and growing businesses. If you’re running a design company or are a part of its team, you probably know that.

Your enterprise has just come up with a new design. So you have started to think if you should look for 3D visualization services to help you show your ideas to the world.

But you are still not convinced if it’s the right step.

Do we really need it?

What would we do with this visualization?

Is it necessary in our industry?

In this article, I will lead you through some points that will help you make the right decision for your business. Because making a 3D visualization that nobody would see or appreciate doesn’t make much sense. And you don’t want to spend your money this way, right?

So let’s check on when it’s the right moment to order 3D visualization services.

What is the purpose of 3D visualization?

First of all, let’s understand the topic better and take a glance on what is the purpose of creating 3D renderings.

The most original goal of CGI (computer-generated images) is to visualize the project idea of an architect, engineer, or designer. Photorealistic 3D visualizations help creative people to showcase the best features of their designs and present the overall look of a product before it’s actually built.

Virtual visualizations are a must-have in architecture. They are the best way to help clients see their new building exactly how it is going to look like. Instead of extensively analyzing technical documentation and trying to imagine the final result.

Remember that not everyone has a wide imagination. By offering the 3D visualization of your idea you help your clients easier state if that’s the result they were looking for.

Rendering services help you also in showcasing different points of view and making the right decisions. By seeing various versions of the same project, you and your clients can choose the best option to suit your needs.

By ordering a bundle of idea renderings, you can easily compare them and analyze different types of arrangements, product versions, floor plans, or various interior design possibilities.

The other useful purpose of using 3D visualization services is to check on any inaccuracies that might come up in your project. Fixing them in the early stages thanks to construction renderings can save you a lot of time and money before the project would enter the production phase.

Those main purposes of 3D visualizations make it a perfect support for design and sales teams in many fields such as architecture, real estate, interior design, product development, but also engineering, yachting, and marine industry.

What are your goals?

So now you know what 3D rendering services were made for. But before you start to search for a 3D studio making the highest quality work, let’s focus on your particular needs.

What is your reason for ordering 3D work?

Here you find just a few main reasons for adding engineering or architectural renderings to your business strategy. Go for it if you:

  • are launching new products or services and want to make a marketing hype around them
  • are actively looking for new clients
  • want to extend your brand awareness
  • aim to win a profitable tender
  • want to treat your best clients exceptionally
  • want to help your design team in doing a better job

Defining your business goals is essential to answer the question do you need 3D visualization services. The mentioned reasons are very often the cases when making project renderings is a no-brainer.

Laptops and notes and people thinking about their business goals

5 situations when you absolutely need 3D visualizations

#1 You are going to present a brand new product or service and looking for new clients

These days, adding new products to your offer and giving a piece of press information about them is definitely not enough to attract new clients.

Since the competition is so strong and always wide-awake, your new services need to be well-positioned and visually appealing to entice the customer’s attention.

Ordering the highest quality 3D visualizations for your new project is a basic step in creating a profitable marketing strategy. With stunning and well-considered renderings you can present the features of your product to the audience in a most effective way. People buy with eyes and beautiful renders are going to boost your sales rates.

You can take advantage not only of the standard exterior rendering of your building/ship/product. There are many options to choose along to get the best results: architectural animation, interior visualization, virtual tour, studio shots of a product, and many more.

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Today, it’s a standard to offer remarkable images on your website and on social media to attract new customers. Presenting coarse and unappealing visualizations is a simple way to loose a sale even before the client has decided to contact your sales team.

Get your business a favor and invest in high-quality renderings if your offering design services. Your sales efforts for sure will benefit the visual support and results with higher profits.

#2 You want to extend your brand’s awarness

The fact that potential clients remember and recognize your business is one of the most important steps to qualified sales. Extending brand awareness is though one of the crucial points for any marketing strategy.

You can imagine your clients saying “Hey, do you remember this beautiful project that we saw last time on LinkedIn? Let’s check it once again!”.

Many people have a photographic memory and they associate images with services. You can easily take advantage of this fact and use it to make people remember about you when they will be searching for services that you offer.

Also, people are more likely to make a purchase decision when they see the result of their dreamed project. By giving them photorealistic visualization they easier relate to the idea and become ready to make business with you.

By embellishing your company’s website and social media presence with adequate and impressive 3D visualizations you’re making the first step to convincing the potential clients that you bring great and professional results. Instead of overwhelming them with tons of text, better show them one persuasive image and let their imagination do the rest.

#3 You participate in a tender

Here’s the absolute no-brainer. These days, if you want to make an impression with your tender proposal, professional high-quality visualization of your project is the thing you simply must add to the documentation.

We all agree that the key features, improvements, optimal arrangements, and effectiveness are the most important factors for the people choosing the final supplier.

In theory.

Because people simply better resonate with beautifully served documentation seasoned with stunning images than a rough and boring stack of papers. Don’t you agree with me?

Impressive visual representation of your idea easier falls in memory. And this fact might help you in winning the lucrative tender at the end of the day.

Photorealistic yacht 3D visualization render

#4 You aim to offer the best quality and support to your clients

Not every visualization is dedicated to being presented to a wider audience. Sometimes, it’s made only to satisfy a small group of people.

If you want to treat your clients exceptionally and provide them with remarkable experiences, you should consider creating individual 3D visualizations of their projects.

Your best clients are probably the most profitable ones. If you want to keep them happy and willing to return to your office in the future, you’d better provide them exceptional service. It’s obvious that they will appreciate the professional visual representation of their project.

#5 You plan to support your design team with 3D visualization services

3D visualization doesn’t have to only look stunning. It can also be extremely useful in the design process.

Your team of engineers and designers can do much more effective work when it will be supported with realistic and accurate renderings at the most crucial phases of the design process.

By adding the visualizations to the track, your team is able to catch up on any inaccuracies before they will arise in the production phase. Prevention is much cheaper than fire-fighting.

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4 cases when you probably don’t need 3D visualization services

Now you know when you should be looking for a good 3D visualization studio. But I am sure you don’t want to waste your money on unnecessary services.

So let’s have a look at some situations when making 3D visualizations won’t add that much value to your work. Or when you can order simplified visualizations to only support your team in a most basic way.

#1 You develop new ideas and features confidentially

When your current project is not supposed to be seen by any audience and won’t be dedicated to being a part of your marketing or sales strategy, there is no need to waste money on making stunning visualizations for it.

Your designers and engineers probably exactly know how the final product will look like. So if there is no obvious need to check on the visual side of the project, probably flat technical documentation is enough to reach the project goals.

#2 You only check the accuracy of a project in-house

We mentioned before how 3D visualizations can be used to check on any inaccuracies in the project. Although, if your team is able to do the project right using only 2D drawings or even specialized yet not pretty 3D software, there is no reason to pay for additional 3D models or visualizations.

Although, if you want to be sure if the designed elements look and work properly, then you can order a professional and complete 3D model to support your design team in ensuring that everything is in a right place.

#3 Your clients are satisfied with your current level of service

Maybe your regular and trusted clients are fully satisfied with the process you walk through together while creating new projects. Your teams might know each other needs so well that no visual support for the project is needed.

If your clients don’t care that much about the visual part of the new design, the technical documentation might be enough for them.

Although, professional 3D renderings might be a nice surprise even for your regular clients and can add even more value to your relationship.

#4 You don’t look for new clients

If your team’s calendar is filled with work for the next few months or years, you might not have any need to look for new clients. In this situation, you should wait with ordering new 3D visualizations for your marketing and sales teams for times when your schedule will expand enough to find a place for new projects.

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How companies take most profits on using 3D visualization services

Nowadays, beautiful images and animations add a lot of winning value to companies’ growth. By choosing the right 3D visualization service, you can expand your brand’s authority and guarantee challenging jobs to your design team.

And how your company can benefit from the power of 3D visualization the most? You are going to:

  • entice new clients with remarkable images
  • keep your actual clients satisfied and flattered with the exceptionality of their project
  • win the most profitable tenders
  • regularly feed your social media presence with fresh content

What kind of 3D visualization services should I choose?

You can choose among different types of 3D visualization. It all depends on what you want to achieve with it.

The most traditional type is an environment or architectural visualization. The photorealistic image of your project in the natural landscape.

Studio shots are perfect for presenting products or objects independent of the environment – ships or machinery equipment.

3D animation is ideal to explain the features of the project and helps clients imagine using the actual design in real life. It also makes a great impression and is a valuable piece of content for any marketing strategy.

Virtual reality, tours, and other interactive tools are a great add-on to convince the client to purchase your product. It can showcase the simulations of your design at work and therefore present its features effectively.

If you already know that you want to implement 3D visualizations in your business but don’t want which type to choose, contact our 3D studio via the contact page or find me directly on LinkedIn: click here to go to my profile.

I will help you adjust the right type of 3D visualization services to your needs so you will get the best results of this effort.

Besides, 3D visualization is a lot of fun and you will for sure enjoy the process!

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