3 beneficial ways of using interactive 3D ship viewers in the marine industry

3D Boat Viewer - 3D Ship viewer of an interactive workboat where you can customize the hull colors

These years introduce more and more ways of grabbing people’s attention on design. The technology offers us new innovative solutions for achieving our goals in presenting our projects to the clients. 3D Viewers and configurators are interactive tools that let us engage with the audience and be remembered as ship and boat designers.

Are you excited about the idea of 3D ship viewers but don’t know how to introduce them in your business? In this article, we are going to take a look at how your company can benefit from using 3D Ship Viewers in 3 profitable ways.

1. Enhance your sales presentations

Today’s standard of performing sales presentations in the marine industry is to create a neat PDF including various features that you want to present to your potential client. And to discuss it with the client during the sales meeting face-to-face. During such meetings, the client often requires to update the design or equipment arrangements to meet his individual needs. Although this method is well-known and widely used in the marine industry, it has one major minus. It doesn’t allow you to quickly present an updated design.

If the sales presentation was enhanced with 3D visualizations, they are often updated before the next meeting. But this process takes up a few days. Creating a new offering PDF also requires some time.

And here the 3D ship viewer comes with rescue.

Imagine that during your sales meetings, you launch a branded application with a beautifully rendered and fully interactive 3D model of the ship design you aim to sell to your client. And that you have plenty of customization options built-in inside. You can update the project live while sitting next to the client. You can change deck arrangements, add optional equipment, change hull color, and even upload your client’s logo on a bulkhead. Your client is satisfied to see his new ship taking shape in his eyes. In the end of the process, you can save a customization you have just created as a unique PDF combined with a basic ship’s specification with just one click.

The 3D ship viewer in the form of a standalone application is a perfect tool to engage your client during the meeting and close the deal faster. Not only it’s effective in speeding up the process but it also benefits from the gamification effect and creates an emotional bond between your client and a project. And such warm feelings definitely play to your advantage, no matter if we are talking about a private boat, a workboat, or a PSV vessel.

2. Grab audience attention during the industry exhibitions

If you plan to build an exhibition stand during the upcoming industry trades, you certainly try to figure out how to attract a new audience. In order to grab attention your company should stand out behind the others. Interactive tools might become a perfect opportunity to reach this goal. And tempt potential clients to your stand for a promising discussion.

Imagine an eye-catching and vivid 3D Ship Viewer presented on a big screen on your stand. It will be nicely visible from a distance and for sure will grab the people’s attention. In addition, if you allow interested persons to play around with the 3D Viewer and interact with your tailor-made application, the phenomenon of gamification will definitely do the job and will be remembered. So after the trades, they will remember you and can easily contact you to discuss a new project.

Additionally, during the trades, you can allow the potential partners to customize their own vessel or marine equipment in your 3D Viewer with or without your assistance. The decision is up to you. But instead of simply letting them play with the application, you can tempt them to allow you to contact them afterward. You can either collect their email addresses via the 3D Viewer. Or you can print them their customized vessel’s specifications with your contact data.

As you can see the 3D Viewer can be used to stay in touch with warmed-up leads after the exhibition show.

3. Collect leads and boost quote inquiries on your website

Have you ever been playing around with customizing your dream car on the manufacturer’s website? Today, every meaningful automotive brand has a car 3D configurator on the website. You can imagine how many leads this tool helps to collect. It is time to bring the same innovation into the maritime world.

If you have a few basic vessel models in your portfolio, a 3D boat configurator might bring you a lot of new inquiries. You can allow your potential clients to customize a ship according to their requirements by changing the hull color, adding their logo on a bulkhead, and choosing the right deck arrangement and necessary equipment. At the end, allow them to download a customized ship specification in exchange for an email address. This simple way you collect the contact data of the people that are interested in your design.

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Is the 3D Ship Viewer adequate for all types of ships?

In Sodoma Atelier, every 3D Ship Viewer we work on is a tailor-made solution created according to your needs. Different types of vessels require different scopes of work. But every type can benefit from being presented in the form of a 3D Viewer. Drop us an email and email with some information about your project and we will help you in finding the best way to use the interactive application so your company can take the most profit out of it.

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