Our Philosophy

We are fascinated with innovative projects and the technological progress that we are witnessing. To become an important part of the changing world, we came up with the custom visual solutions for architects, engineers, and designers. Your inventive projects will grow in force by gaining a strong visual image made in our studio.

People tend to buy with eyes. With professional 3D visualizations, your designs will gain the power to convince your potential customers even to the most innovative ideas.


Dominika Krużycka
Management & Client Partner
Mariusz Krużycki
Art director
Julia Ponczek
Junior 3D Artist

Sodoma's Background

The idea for creating Sodoma Atelier was born in 2018, in the subtle shadow of palm trees in the Caribbean islands. Since then, it developed from a rough vision into a business plan tailor-made to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Today, we operate from the uptown of Gdańsk in Poland – the European city well known for its developing marine building industry. With a strong background in architecture and naval design, we created Sodoma Atelier – the creative studio where we turn the innovative designs of our clients into the effective visuals.

Values & Working Practices

Flexibility is an important part of our workflow. Thanks to the technological achievements of the XXI century, we can remotely cooperate with clients from all over the world. So no matter where your headquarters are, we will seamlessly realize a custom project for you.

Another word that perfectly describes our future collaboration is “easy-going”. We appreciate both your and our time. By designing the communication process with effectiveness in mind, we created the workflow based on email exchange and checklists. This solution guarantees you a clear decision-making process and pleasant cooperation.

Clients’ testimonials

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